Do I have to buy new expensive equipment to use PM Attendant?
  No! With PM Attendant you can use any PC.
Can I run multiple bays with a single computer?
  Yes! PM Attendant allows you to 'park' multiple invoices.
Is PM Attendant compatible with Quickbooks?
  Yes! You can export your daily sales and individual invoices into Quickbooks.
How much training is required to start using PM Attendant?
  The standard training last 2 1/2 days but most technicians can start inputing invoices after just a few hours of training.
Does PM Attendant track my Accounts Receivable?
  Yes! You can track charged invoices and run accounts receivable reports plus send monthly statements.
What type of reminders can I send?
  PM Attendant allows you to send e-mail reminders or you can generate reminder cards from your own printer.
Does PM Attendant track my inventory?
  Yes! All your inventory is monitored plus the system will generate purchase orders based on the amount of usage.
Can I print static cling window stickers within PM Attendant?
  Yes! You can print your static cling stickers throughout the invoice.
Can I track the preventive maintenance of my customers?
  Yes! PM Attendant tracks the preventive maintenance of each vehicle and prints that information on each work order.
How many modules and filter databases can I purchase with my system?
  PM Attendant has a one price and monthly fee. With each system we include all modules and filter databases. This gives you the tools you need to run your business.